The Benefits of Trimming Your Trees

All trees have the need for pruning, and tree experts are very familiar with this. As incredible as it sounds, if you don’t prune your trees, they will eventually do it themselves by rejecting the branches that need to be trimmed. However, this is not actually the best solution, since when trees do this, a short portion of the branch remains and the bark usually splits, making the trees vulnerable to various types of diseases. This is why it is so important to maintain your properties trees, and for someone who is properly trained in tree trimming to perform the job. If you are not very familiar with the proper techniques, there is always a tree service that can do it very successfully. If you are in the central Texas area, and looking for a reliable tree company, we recommend Tree Trimming Round Rock. Professional tree services are available in all major cities, so if your trees are in need of attention, search for a reputable company in your area.

Types of tree trimming

It is important to know that there are four different degrees of tree trimming, and those are: fine pruning, standard pruning, hazard trimming and crown reduction trimming. The first one is obviously related to the appearance, while the second one is concerned with improving the structure of the tree. On the other side, hazard trimming is done for safety purposes, in cases where branches have reached a certain size and should be trimmed. Crown reduction trimming is done in cases where there is certain damage and the tree needs to recover by removing several major branches. However, there are many other reasons why tree trimming is important, so, let’s see the benefits of trimming your trees.

Improving tree health

Tree trimming is done for the purpose of removing all dead branches, or those which are injured, infected, insect infested, or mechanically damaged. Additionally, tree pruning is also necessary in cases when there are branches that disturb others in their growth, or the ones that collide or interfere with other structures or branches. Of course, it is always better to act preventively, but it is also never too late to remove the infected parts of the plant.

Increasing the quantity of the crop

If you have some fruit trees in your garden, you should know that regular tree pruning will increase the quantity of the crop, especially if done in late winter.

Maintaining the form and the purpose of trees

When talking about the shape of trees, we actually think of the trees appearance and aesthetics. In this case, especially if the trees run along a path, street or avenue. Tree pruning is essential often times trees need to be pruned twice a year. However, when talking about living fences, it is more common to trim the trees less allowing them to almost blent together creating a barrier. Other special forms of pruning are also applied with trees such as bonsai, for example. Controlling the tree dimensions by trimming is the most important in cities where space is most often cramped. Sometimes large trees block the view and essential visions or violate the view of neighbors, buildings, etc. Then, it is necessary to trim regularly or completely remove them when necessary.

By trimming your trees, you don’t just protect the trees, but also people. 

It is always necessary to remove dead limbs, and branches of trees that are infected or damaged. Often after several years of growth, a tree trunk reaches the height of street installations; making it a threat to city power lines and structures. In those cases, trimming is very necessary, but be careful to maintain good balance and an overall pleasing appearance of the tree.

Stephen M.