Why Trees are Important

Trees have always been into human consumption since time immemorial. It has been used as a source for lumber, timber, paper and other related products. Moreover, there are other trees that are used as an enhancer in aesthetic value of places such as parks, backyards and even your neighborhood. Among all of these things, it could be proven how trees are very much essential in our lives.


However, more to these things, what else are the important usages of trees? Why do we need to preserve them? Why is it important to our lives?

Written below are some of the many uses of trees in our lives. This will not only educate people about how trees are essential, but also, it will be a way to help preserve the lives of trees, especially when people already know why it exists in the world.

1. Clean Air

A lot of studies have proven that trees actually produce a cleaner air. In urban areas, trees and forests are actually saving one life, in average, since the air is ‘filtered’ in a way that particulates in the dirty air are cleaned by trees. A study has proven that deaths in heart diseases and respiratory problems have risen after all of the trees are cut down in their area. This is precisely the reason why trees are considered as the lungs of the world, because it gives and produce oxygen.

2. Jobs

More and more people are actually spending their leisure time at parks and national forests. This means that because there are trees in these recreational places, economies of countries with these kinds of natural resources could be healthy especially that these areas actually generate jobs.

3. Clean and potable water

Forests are proven not only to filter the air we breathe but also provide a natural filter in water. For instance, in New York City, tap water is potable not because it is filtered mechanically by machines but it is mostly because of the surrounding forests it has in its perimeter.

4. Mental Health

Studies have shown that people who are feeling down may feel good especially when taking a walk in the woods. Access to green areas, or areas that are rich in trees and forests could necessarily yield cognitive functioning, self-discipline as well as over-all mental health. One study even proves that trees that could be seen by patients outside hospitals could help in the over-all revival of the patient.

5. Temperature control

The effects of climate change could be felt almost in all parts of the world. Change in temperature, more intense weather condition and stronger presence of storms and hurricanes are only few of the effects that climate change has been manifesting. Planting of trees could necessarily reduce this increase in heat. Moreover, households that are shaded by trees could actually spend 12% on cooling costs especially in the summer, where heat is utmost intense.

6. Flood control

It has always been proven that water can hold a large amount of water that would necessarily stream its way downhill and surge into the rivers and into towns. This is precisely the reason why trees are important especially in the case of a flood prone city or area.


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