When to Trim a Tree

A lot of us fancy trees planted especially on our backyards or in our neighborhood. This is because not only for the reason that trees are actually a good source of oxygen thus fresh air, but also because the aesthetic value that the tree provide in a particular place where it is situated is incomparable. However, just like any other things, trees need to be attended to and taken care of because it might cause some hassle especially when there are dead branches of leaves on the roads or some pile of dead leaves especially during autumn.


This is precisely the reason why every now and then, trees should be trimmed and pruned. However, when really is a tree needed to be pruned? Is there a specific time of the year that you could prune and trim them rather than just whenever you like?

Written below are some of the tips on when to prune and trim a tree.

When to Prune

The question of the perfect time a tree should be pruned is also dependent to the reason why you prune it. For instance, light pruning or the removal of dead wood could obviously be done whenever you want. However, being able to know that individual species may actually have different set of needs that is crucial to be remembered.


One of the most common time of the year where trees are trimmed and pruned is during the winter. The result of trimming and pruning during this season will be very promising, especially that the tree will have to experience new growth in the following season, that is spring. Thus, as a tree owner, you have to maximize this time especially when you have a desired effect that you would want to achieve to the tree. Usually, it is best to wait until the lowest temperature of the winter has passed where the tree should be pruned and trimmed in order to attain best results.


To be able to ‘manipulate’ the growth of tree branches by slowing it down, especially those that you don’t want, or in other words, to slow down the ‘dwarf’ development of a tree or a branch, pruning and trimming should be done instantaneously after the growth season has been completed. The slowing effect is for the reduction of the total leaf surface that would also reduce the amount of food that is going to be produced and send towards the root. Moreover, summer pruning and trimming is done in order to ‘correct’ a tree. For instance, limbs that are defective can be seen more easily during this time or those that hang down too far below the weight of its leaves.

When not to Prune

Of course, there is a certain time in the year that you should never prune or trim a particular tree, and that season is fall. In fall, decay fungi spread its spores abundantly during this season and the ‘healing’ of ‘wounds’ when you prune and trim your tree will be relatively slower in fall. This is the time when you have to keep your pruning tools inside your storage.

You could do tree trimming yourself, or you can call any Austin tree service professional, who are more efficient in doing it because it could save you time, as well as produce a more efficient job in the long run.

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